What Are Some Facts About M.L. Stedman's Life?

What Are Some Facts About M.L. Stedman's Life?

M.L. Stedman was born and raised in Australia. She worked as a lawyer until she took up writing full time and now lives in London. M.L. Stedman's real name is Margot.

Although she began writing in the late 1990s, Stedman didn't have a novel published until 2012. "The Light Between the Oceans" is her first novel, which is currently being made into a film.

When discussing "The Light Between the Oceans," Stedman says she got the idea for the story from simply closing her eyes and allowing the scenery to come to her. She pictured the lighthouse and the boat that washed up with the baby inside. She said in an interview with The Christian Science Monitor she: "Had to keep writing to see who all these people were and what happened next."

M.L. Stedman grew up in Western Australia and feels most at home near the ocean. Some of her favorite authors include Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Graham Greene, Andre Gide and Edith Wharton.

Despite writing a best-selling novel that is becoming a film, Stedman feels uncomfortable in the spotlight. She does not like talking about her life during interviews and says in Lit Lovers, "As the book's not autobiographical, details of my life won't really shed light on the story for the reader."