What Is "Looking for Alaska" About?

"Looking for Alaska" is the story of high school student Miles Halter's new life at boarding school, where he meets a charismatic and beautiful classmate named Alaska Young. The book is by acclaimed author John Green, who also wrote "The Fault in Our Stars."

The main characters of the book are Miles, Alaska and Chip. Miles is tall, lanky and infatuated with Alaska. His relationship with her is at first uncertain, with Alaska mostly refusing to return his feelings. Alaska is charismatic and reliable, often assisting her friends in personal matters. She's also free-spirited and rebellious, dealing in cigarettes and alcohol at the boarding school. Chip is both Miles' roommate and Alaska's best friend.

The book was the topic of controversy when it was used as course material in an 11th-grade English class in a high school near Buffalo, N.Y. Parents challenged its usage in class because of its liberal portrayal of students drinking, smoking, using explicit language and having sex.

"Looking for Alaska" was first published in March of 2005 and was Green's first novel. Following the immense popularity of his later work, "The Fault in Our Stars," in 2012, "Looking for Alaska" broke into the New York Times children's paperback bestseller list at number 10. On June 26, 2014, Green tweeted that Sarah Polley would be writing and directing a cinematic adaptation of "Looking for Alaska."