How Do You Look up Pay-Per-View Listings?

How Do You Look up Pay-Per-View Listings?

Most television service providers, including Comcast's Xfinity, Dish Network, Cox, Verizon Fios, and Time Warner Cable, have pay-per-view event listings available on their websites including the time, date, price, and channel of the event. In many cases, users can directly order pay-per-viewevents online. Alternatively, most television services include an on-screen listing feature. Using this, locate the pay-per-view channels to view upcoming listings.

To view Comcast's Xfinity pay-per-view listings, navigate to, click on Shop/Upgrade in the top left. On this page select Pay Per View Events under the Programming drop-down menu.

To view Dish Network's pay-per-view listings, navigate to and click on Pay-Per-View at the top of the page.

Cox's pay-per-view are available at Hover over the My Connection drop-down menu, and choose Pay-Per-View Events under the Watch category. Users must log into an account associated with an address in a Cox market to see upcoming pay-per-view events.

For Verizon Fios' pay-per-view listings, visit, hover over the Watch Fios drop-down menu and select View Pay Per View.

To browse Time Warner Cable's pay-per-view listings, visit, and click on Events at the top of the page.

Most other television providers have similar online listings. With providers that service multiple markets, specific channels and other details for pay-per-view events may vary. Enter a location or log into a customer account to find the most accurate information.