How Long Has PBS Been in Business?

The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) was founded on October 5, 1970 by Hartford Gunn, Jr. PBS differs from other broadcasting companies in that it is not a traditional network, but a distribution platform for a variety of third party programming. Many of the shows on PBS are educational in nature.

PBS is a non-profit public broadcasting service that works with over 300 different television stations throughout the United States to provide content to viewers. In a traditional network broadcasting configuration, the network owns and operates studios in which it creates and records its own programming content. The network retains sole ownership and distribution rights of the content and is able to sell advertising space during the program's broadcast. PBS works in a different fashion; it does not own or produce the majority of its content, but rather serves as the distributor for companies such as American Public Television, WNET and WGBH.

PBS also does not sell advertising space during its broadcasts, offering each program uninterrupted and commercial-free. It covers operating costs through viewer donations and select government funding. Some popular PBS programs include "Sesame Street," "Masterpiece Theater" and "Antiques Roadshow." PBS also offers educational programming for children under the title PBS Kids.