How Long Did It Take Gatsby to Make the Money to Buy the Mansion?

long-did-gatsby-make-money-buy-mansion Credit: Handout/Getty Images News/Getty Images

In the novel "The Great Gatsby," the character Jay Gatsby owns a mansion that took him 3 years to save the necessary funds to purchase. It's estimated that he bought the home in 1922.

Gatsby's mansion is located in the fictional town of West Egg. The mansion that writer F. Scott Fitzgerald used as inspiration for Gatsby's home is in King's Point, Long Island.

While Gatsby was a fictional millionaire, he exhibited many personality characteristics similar to those of real millionaires, and his wealth is subject to comparisons with real money. For instance, if the house that he purchased in 1922 was valued at $2.7 million, the price in 2013 would be valued at $29.5 million.