What Are Some Locations That Can Be Watched Via Livecam?

What Are Some Locations That Can Be Watched Via Livecam?

Amsterdam, New York Times Square, the Statue of Liberty and Hollywood Boulevard are among the many locations that have live streaming cameras, as of 2015. Botswana, Dublin and the Eiffel Tower are others. Many of the live cams feature audio and allow users to zoom in on images.

The Amsterdam cam displays a camera on the Hotel Nes overlooking the Amstel Canal. This camera offers scenic views of the canal and nearby businesses. The camera features audio situated above most street-level noise.

New York's Times Square has four different live web cams. The 47th and Broadway camera shows live footage of the intersection and displays foot and automobile traffic. The Street Cam, placed at street level, features closer images and audio of pedestrian traffic. The South View camera offers an overhead view from the south. The Crossroads camera overlooks the Crossroads of the World section of Times Square.

Two cameras stream live images of the Statue of Liberty. Viewers can see images from Brooklyn and across the harbor.

The Hollywood Boulevard live camera faces the entrance to the Dolby Theatre and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. During awards ceremonies, viewers can watch a stream of activity on the red carpet leading to the theater.

The Botswana camera shows a highly active elephant watering hole in Chobe, Botswana. The camera, fixed on the watering hole, changes angles periodically. This live stream also features audio.

The Dublin, Ireland, camera focuses on the Temple Bar section of the city, an area populated with pubs and known for its night life. This camera points at the Temple Bar corner, is close to street level and features audio.

The Eiffel Tower Web cam focuses on the structure from a distance. This camera offers 24-hour access to images of the tower without audio.