How Do You Locate Wehrenberg Theatres?

Wehrenberg Theatres has a special page that lists its locations on its website, The Web page categorizes each location by city and state, and each location includes a link to a map for directions.

To access Wehrenberg Theatres locations, click on Theatres in the main menu of any page on the site. Scroll down to view each location, or select a city from the drop-down menu. Each listing provides the name of the theatre, the address and an emergency phone number, as well as a map link and a link to the theatre's movie show times.

As of 2015, Wehrenberg Theatres has 15 theatres across Missouri, Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota. Greater Saint Louis holds the largest number of Wehrenberg Theatres, with nine in the area. The company uses a total of 213 screens, making it one of the largest family-owned theatre chains in the United States.

Wehrenberg Theatres is also one of the oldest theatre chains in the United States. Fred Wehrenberg first transformed a bakery into a small theatre in 1906, where he played silent films. He went on to construct a variety of venues, including an outdoor screen, Saint Louis' first real movie theatre and a drive-in theatre. After Fred's death in 1949, his son took over and continued to expand the company.