How Do You Locate Prefab Modern House Plans?

Prefabricated modern house plans can be found online from websites such as and Some of the house plans can be ordered, downloaded, customized or purchased from the architect designer or found as examples on modern prefab websites like or

In order to locate prefab modern house plans:

  1. Locate house plans online:
  2. Prefab house plans can be viewed online. Browse the websites that offer floor plans or links to the floorplan designer's website. Websites like and provide pictures of house plans, pricing and availability of plan sets that include full construction drawing sets for building the home on a chosen site. Users can browse the photos and click the designer's link. For example, Houzz features some homes by FabCab. By clicking the link to, users can download the ModCab introduction packet or contact the company for customizing home plans. features a specific prefab design resource as well as contact information for acquiring house plans.

  3. Locate house plans from print resources:
  4. Prefab house plans can be found in print from books and magazines such as the Dwell 2015 Design Guide and "Prefab Houses," by Tashen.

  5. Use applications to design floor plans:
  6. Applications available from a compatible app store can be downloaded, often for free. Free applications such as Floor Planner offer assistance in creating or customizing floor plans and can be shared with other designers when collaborating on a floor plan design.