How Do You Locate Dates of "Antiques Roadshow" Events?

Each January, the PBS website reveals the Antiques Roadshow event dates and cities in the On Tour section of the "Antiques Roadshow" page. All shows take place only in May, June, July and August of each year. "Antiques Roadshow" films in eight cities each year and researches future cities often.

To attend an "Antiques Roadshow" event, the interested party must apply for tickets. There are online applications that require a valid email address and are completed on the PBS website. People can also apply with a 3.5-by-5-inch postcard sent to an address that includes the name of the desired city. Applicants must complete the form by a certain deadline each year, which is usually about a month before the first event takes place.

Any incomplete applications are voided. There is no purchase necessary to obtain tickets to the event. Canadian residents who wish to attend an event must also provide answers to questions to verify knowledge of the show and its appraisers.

People who are interested in attending an "Antiques Roadshow" event must beware of events that use the same name but are not related to the original show. These events often buy and sell the attendees' objects, which is something the original show does not do. If someone sees an advertisement for "Antiques Roadshow," that person can send an email to the show's staff with the event details to confirm whether the event is legitimate.