How Do You Find Local Listings for Movies in Theaters Now?

local-listings-movies-theaters-now Credit: belchonock/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Local newspapers, Google Movies, MSN Movies and Fandango provide local listings for movies in theaters as of 2015. Some theaters offer online ticketing so moviegoers can guarantee their seats in advance.

Local newspapers typically publish a comprehensive listing of movies in local theaters, including independent theaters. Newspapers such as the Dallas Observer list all local theaters and their respective addresses, with links to movies and showtimes for each. Moviegoers can sort theaters by name or distance, and they can find all theaters showing a particular film.

Similar features are also available from national movie sites. Google Movies lets users enter a location to get a listing of movies currently in local theaters. The site lists a synopsis of each movie, and it links to trailers and IMDB pages. MSN Movies also lists local theaters, show times for current movies and movie scores.

Fandango is a movie ticketing service that also supplies listings for local movies. Site users can view trailers or read brief synopses, and they can read biographies of a film’s cast and crew. Online ticketing is available, and the service allows refunds and exchanges.

Movie theater chains also provide local listings for movies shown in their theaters. AMC Theaters has a section dedicated to current movies in which visitors can read synopses and current comments from Twitter about those films.