Who Is Liz Claman?

Who Is Liz Claman?

Liz Claman is an anchor on "Countdown to the Closing Bell," which airs on Fox Business Network on weekdays from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. She initially joined the network in October 2007.

Claman was born in December 1963 in Beverly Hills, CA. Her parents sent her to boarding school at the Philips Academy in Andover, MA. She then returned to California and attended high school at Beverly Hills High School. Claman began her undergraduate education at the University of California, Santa Cruz, but transferred to the University of California, Berkley. She graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in French.

After graduation, Claman began her career in media in Los Angeles, CA, where she served as a production assistant for KCBS-TV. She won a local Emmy Award for her work. Claman's next stop was Columbus, OH, where she was a reporter for ABC's local affiliate WHDH-TV. She later became a weekend anchor for the network.

Claman was then hired as the anchor for Cleveland's morning talk show, "The Morning Exchange." She received an Emmy for her work on the two hour talk show.

Claman then transitioned to the NBC network family. She began as a contributing correspondent for NBC's daytime program "RealLife" and as an anchor and reporter for Boston's local NBC affiliate. Claman next became an anchor for CNBC where she anchored several programs including "Morning Call" and "Cover to Cover."