What Are Some Little-Known Facts About Rachel Carson?

Rachel Carson had her first story published when she was 10 years old and didn't see ocean life until she was writing her book called "Under the Sea Wind." Carson was born in 1907 in Springdale, Pennsylvania, and died in 1964.

One of the most influential scientists of the 20th century, Rachel Carson was a naturalist, writer and biologist. When she began college in 1925, she had aspirations of becoming a writer. However, during her classes, she was greatly influenced by her biology teacher and switched her major from English to biology. This major tied in well with her love of nature that she developed as a child.

Upon graduation, Carson moved to Massachusetts and began a fellowship close to the ocean. She pursued higher education at Johns Hopkins University where she earned a masters in marine zoology.

In 1935, Carson worked for the U.S. Bureau of Fisheries where she had several articles published and eventually went on to become the editor-in-chief for the information division of the Baltimore Sun.

Carson published her first book in 1941 and her second in 1951. Her books detailed the origins of sea life, and eventually, she began studying the effects of pesticides and other chemicals on the environment. She continued her work until her death from cancer in 1964.