Why Was "The Little Couple" Cancelled?

As of May 2015, "The Little Couple" is still on the air, with new episodes coming to TLC on May 26. In January 2015, Dr. Jennifer Arnold, who appears on the show, eased fans' concerns that the show was over when she posted on Facebook that new episodes were coming.

"The Little Couple" is a reality series that chronicles the relationship of Bill Klein and Jennifer Arnold. The show first aired in 2009 and gets its name from the fact that both Klein and Arnold stand less than 4 feet tall. Arnold works as a neonatalist, having completed a pediatric residency at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, and Klein is a businessman working in the telemarketing and medical supplies industries. In early seasons, viewers see the couple purchase a new home and consider whether to start a family based on the risks involved due to their dwarfism.

Later seasons feature life events such as the couple's adoption of their son, Will, and subsequent adoption of their daughter, Zoey. Both Will and Zoey also have dwarfism like their adoptive parents. The sixth season of the show covers Arnold's cancer treatment following her diagnosis of stage four choriocarcinoma. She received the diagnosis after a health scare in which she began bleeding while on a trip to India, and doctors determined she was carrying a nonviable pregnancy.