How Do You Find Listings on the COZI TV Schedule?

To find listings on COZI TV, users go to the COZI Home Page and click on TV Listings. From there, they either download a PDF of the TV listings or input their ZIP codes to view the listings. Online listings are searchable by time, date and genre, and users have the option to limit searches to HD or New. The PDF schedule is listed by week, with the days across the top and times listed vertically.

The online listing tool also has a drop-down menu for each geographical area covered by COZI TV.. The online tool provides a brief description of each program and lists its run time. Alternately, to view schedules for a particular show, the user goes to the Shows tab of the website from the Home Page, selects the show he wants to watch and views only the times and days for that show.

COZI TV is a network on TitanTV. To view full listings for every channel offered by Titan, users must click on the TitanTV link, which links to a separate website that shows all programs on every network available through TitanTV.

COZI TV airs classic shows such as "Magnum P.I." and "The Bionic Woman," and it also airs original programming, including "1st Look" and "Talk Soup."