How Do You Listen to Vern Gosdin Songs for Free?

How Do You Listen to Vern Gosdin Songs for Free?

As of 2015, Spotify provides free access to several of Vern Gosdin's greatest hits, including the songs "Set 'Em Up Joe" and "Chiseled In Stone." Fans can find inks to other Gosdin songs and music videos on both the Last FM website and

In addition to listening to Gosdin's music on the free version of Spotify, some of his songs are featured on the free version of Pandora as of 2015. Users have also uploaded music and videos from the singer on YouTube.

Vern Gosdin is considered a "traditional" country singer with a deep, strong country voice. Gosdin's traditional timbre earned him the nickname "The Voice" among his country music peers.

Gosdin's vocal abilities were often compared to those of fellow singer/songwriter George Jones. Gosdin's music focused on the traditional country themes of love and loss, many of which were sung in the rousing honky tonk style.

Much of what is considered to be Gosdin's best work didn't see the top of the charts. His album "Alone," released in 1989, was a traditional country album that chronicled Gosdin's failed marriage. Although it was received well, the country music scene had already shifted to more modern types of country songs.