How Do You Listen to Billy Graham Sermons Online?

How Do You Listen to Billy Graham Sermons Online?

To listen to Billy Graham sermons online, go to There is an archive of sermons on the website delivered by Billy Graham. The archive holds sermons that are available in audio or video format and also includes Billy Graham's special occasion speeches, such as his popular Christmas special.

Billy Graham is a Christian evangelist who has been preaching for over 60 years. He got his diploma in Bible Studies from the Florida Bible Institute at Trinity Bible College and his bachelor's degree in Anthropology at Wheaton College.

His appearance on television in order to spread his faith as well as involvement in politics and the secular sphere have garnered him fame and popularity. He has even given sermons in front of American presidents, such as Richard Nixon and Barack Obama.

Graham has launched over 400 crusades in over 185 countries. These were so popular that NBC offered Graham a five-year television contract, although he turned it down in favor of continuing his missions. Graham was even involved in the civil rights movements of the 20th century, preaching for the end of segregation alongside Martin Luther King Jr.

Graham has written several popular books, most notably "Angels: God's Secret Agents," which sold over one million copies only 90 days after its release. Billy Graham has been named by Americans as one of the Top Ten Most Admired Men in the country over 50 times.