How Do You Get Listed on Porcelain Painters?

Listing porcelain artwork on the website involves contacting the site administrator via email for further information and paid membership in the Porcelain Painters International Online group. Paid members have access to lessons, member porcelain painting listings and a stock photo database for painting idea inspiration.

In addition to membership, the Porcelain Painters website also features a free mailing list for interested parties, archives of the group's digest and a printable flyer. A searchable database allows interested students to contact teachers to arrange classes and seminars and to ask questions regarding porcelain painting techniques. The website offers a page of links to other websites.

The website also maintains a library of relevant material. A glossary page defines terms specific to porcelain painting, and a cone chart describes the temperatures required for the final application of different materials. The library also includes the text of a declaration by former U.S. President Jimmy Carter designating July 1980 as National Porcelain Art Month and a proclamation of the art form as a fine art. also features several photo galleries. One is exclusively for charter member creations, listed alphabetically by the last name of the artist. Another gallery details antique painted porcelain objects.