Where Is the List for This Year's Academy Nominees Found?

A list for this year's Academy Award nominees is available at Variety.com, LATimes.com and Oscar.Go.com, as of 2015. "Birdman" won the Academy Award for Best Picture, while Julianne Moore and Eddie Redmayne took home Oscars for Best Actress and Best Actor.

The list of Academy Award nominees at Variety.com features names and titles grouped by category, such as Picture, Actor, Supporting Actress, Animated Feature and Adapted Screenplay. The category names agree with official names that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science currently utilizes on its website, as of 2015. The Los Angeles Times list follows the same format but uses the word "film" instead of "picture" in the Best Picture category.

On its website, the Academy offers a full list of nominees and, following the actual ceremony, indicates each winner in each category. There are links to more information, the name of the director, cast members and a trailer for each film, including short films, documentaries and foreign films. The Academy no longer uses the word "best" to denote lead acting categories. The acting categories are Actor in a Leading Role and Actor in a Supporting Role.

The Academy tends to announce the year's nominees within the first two to three weeks of January. Typically, the Academy president or some other high ranking individual affiliated with AMPAS and an actor recite the nominations at a special press conference.