How Do You Find a List of the Top-Rated American History Books?

Find lists of top-rated American history books at The New Republic and Kirkus Reviews. Both sites offer lists of respected American history books both general and specific.

At The New Republic, John B. Judis offers a selection of American history books of a more academic bent, many by professional historians. Selections include Perry Miller’s “Errand into the Wilderness,” a study of the effects of Puritan theology on American history, and Michael Paul Rogin’s “Fathers and Children,” which examines the subjugation of Native American populations.

Kirkus Reviews offers up a more accessible list of books, with many popular biographies and general texts. Selections include Nancy Isenberg’s “Fallen Founder,” a biography of Aaron Burr, and James Donovan’s “A Terrible Glory,” focusing on the career of General George Custer.