How Do You Find a List of Recommended Books?

Newspaper literary supplements, autodidact interest websites, homeschooling websites and book publisher websites are all potential sources for lists of recommended books. Print and online magazines are sources of such lists and frequently feature editors' recommendations.

Most print and online newspapers have a separate book review, a weekly literary supplement or lists of recommended books. Other media entities, such as Kirkus Reviews, publish content at, and Kirkus Reviews often publishes recommended titles with links to full reviews at Keyword search recommended books to peruse multiple lists. is a homeschooling and autodidact interest website that provides resources of all kinds for both pursuits. The website shares its name with a 1999 book by Jessie Wise and Susan Wise Bauer. The website features the authors' favorite books and a classical reading list arranged by age and grade level.

Modern Library, whose parent company is Random House, publishes multiple lists of recommended books at One such list is located under Top 100, with a link enclosed on the home page. The same link leads to more links for Modern Library book recommendations, such as the 100 Best Novels, 100 Best Nonfiction and the Radcliffe's Rival 100 Best Novels list.

Like many magazines, InStyle intermittently publishes book recommendations from celebrities and in-house editors. A keyword search for "recommended books" at effectively retrieves an archive of lists.