What Are Some Line Dancing Steps?


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Some line dancing steps are the rock step, scoot, shuffle, ball change and the heel strut. A line dance is a choreographed style of step sequences. Many sequences of steps have names, known as jargon, in order to make choreography and announcing quicker and easier while line dancing. Some examples of step sequences are the vine and the Charleston.

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Other line dancing steps are the hitch, the cha-cha and the lock step. To perform the hitch, dancers hitch the knee up with the weight on the opposite foot. To perform the cha-cha, dancers take three steps in place to two beats of music. To perform the lock step, dancers cross the designated foot closely in front of or behind the other.

In line dancing, some steps are syncopated, while others are not. In a non-syncopated step, each step is done on successive beats of music. In a syncopated step, two steps are done on one beat. Non-syncopated steps include the bump, where hips are bumped to the side, the close, where the feet are stepped together, and heel splits, where both heels are turned out. Syncopated steps include the kick-ball-change with a kick and step, the ball change with a weight change, and the coaster step with steps both backward and forward.

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