What Are Some Facts From the Linda Shelton Affair?


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Linda Shelton disputed Danny Shelton's allegations of infidelity and demanded that he present the evidence he claimed to possess. Linda was fired, publicly shamed and divorced on the sole basis of his unsubstantiated allegations against her.

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Danny Shelton and his then-wife, Linda Shelton, co-founded the Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN), a Seventh-day Adventist Christian television and radio network, in 1984. In June 2004, Danny accused Linda of adultery, and the board of directors fired her on the grounds that her alleged unchristian behaviour made her an unsuitable vice president. Danny divorced Linda the same month. Less than two years later, he remarried to Brandy Murray, who started working for 3ABN a month after Linda's dismissal.

Divorce and remarriage are considered acts of adultery themselves in the Seventh-day Adventist church, unless justified on biblical grounds such as "sexual immorality." Linda's alleged adultery allowed Danny to divorce her and remarry to Brandy with his prestigious job and reputation intact.

Linda's sudden dismissal and divorce, and Danny's subsequent efforts to silence those who disagreed with him, resulted in considerable skepticism. The board's decision to fire Linda on the sole basis of Danny's unsubstantiated claims was criticised as unfair. Danny refused to provide the evidence that he claimed to possess, and referenced numerous times. Linda, who insisted upon her innocence, demanded that he provide proof if it existed. Danny retaliated by frivolously taking those who disagreed with him to court, financed by a donor who provided over $15,000 per month in legal fees and full control of the joint assets from his marriage to Linda. He pushed Linda to sign a silence agreement by threatening to leave her too little money to afford food and shelter. He attempted to force similar silence agreements upon anyone with information on the circumstances surrounding his divorce.

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