Is Linda Ronstadt Married?


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As of 2015, Linda Ronstadt has never married. She has in the past had relationships with California governor Jerry Brown, actor Jim Carrey and filmmaker George Lucas.

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According to Biography.com, Ronstadt mentioned to the New York Times, "I'm very bad at compromise, and there's a lot of compromise in marriage." She also told Entertainment Weekly, regarding her previous relationship with George Lucas, "So there are people I care about passionately, but I don't wish I still lived with them, or that I'd married them. Otherwise, I wouldn't have left, you know? I just wasn't the marrying kind." Despite not having being married, Ronstadt has adopted children named Mary Clementine and Carlos.

Ronstadt formerly lived in Tucson with her kids. As of 2015, she lives in San Francisco. In 2013, Ronstadt announced that she could no longer sing due to Parkinson's disease.

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