What Are Some of Linda Castillo's Best-Selling Books?


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Some of Linda Castillo’s best-selling books include “Sworn to Silence,” “Gone Missing” and “The Dead Will Tell.” Castillo is known for her Kate Burkholder series of novels, whose eponymous protagonist is a police chief in the Amish country.

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“Sworn to Silence” is the first book in the series, introducing readers to Kate and her back story. Raised Amish, Kate breaks with her community as a young girl after nearly being murdered by a serial killer. After years of police work in major cities, Kate returns to her hometown of Painters Mill, Ohio to take a job as police chief, but from her first case, she walks a thin line between her past and present.

In “Gone Missing,” a teenage girl goes missing during Rumspringa, the Amish adolescent rite of passage. When Kate’s investigation turns up a body, the case quickly balloons to encompass a series of cold case murders, and the plot only grows more twisted.

In “The Dead Will Tell,” Kate investigates the apparent suicide of a man found hanging in his barn, but the crime scene quickly sets her on the trail of a murder and disappearance from years before. Meanwhile, Kate’s happiness with current lover John Tomasetti is thrown into disarray when a man responsible for murdering Tomasetti’s family years before is found innocent. As three plot threads converge, Kate is drawn into a horrifying mystery that bridges crimes both old and new.

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