What Are Some Facts About Lillian Jackson Braun?


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One fact about Lillian Jackson Braun is that she wrote 30 mystery novels about two extraordinarily intelligent Siamese cats. A second is that she took an 18-year break from publishing between her third and fourth books. A third fact is that she wrote all of her books using a pen and paper.

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Lillian Jackson Braun wrote the "Cat Who" novels, starting with "The Cat Who Could Read Backwards" in 1966 and ending with "The Cat Who Had 60 Whiskers" in 2007. The books center on former crime reporter James Qwilleran, who solves murders in a remote northern state. The cats offer him guidance by using cat behavior to lead him to clues.

From 1966 to 1968, Braun wrote the first three of her "Cat Who" novels. In 1968, she disappeared from mystery writing, despite being called "the new detective of the year" by "The New York Times." At the time of the break in publication, her reasons were unknown. It has since been learned that the demands for sex and violence from mystery audiences in the late 1960s were not subjects she wanted to include in her novels.

Braun confessed to a lack of understanding of modern technology. She wrote out all of her novels and then typed them instead of using a computer.

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