What Is Lil Wayne's Song "How To Love" About?


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The song "How To Love" by Lil Wayne is about the story of a woman he loved; the woman who taught him how to love, as he says in the song. The song relates the woman's past relationships and heartbreaks and the raw deals that attempts at love and romance with various men have dealt her. Wayne constantly affirms her beauty and value regardless of her past mistakes and mishaps with other men.

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The song's acoustic sound, which is rare for a song of the rap genre, gives it a nurturing, loving tone for the story to be conveyed. He raps and sings about the woman being in relationships with "crooks"; men who do not understand her true value and just want her for superficial reasons. Because of the frequency of these relationships with untrustworthy people, she develops emotional problems; for example, she feels very insecure even though she always looks attractive.

In the beginning, she is young and innocent, but the cold world to which she is introduced inevitably transforms her in a negative way. She realizes this and drowns her depression in alcohol and partying as a result. In spite of this, Wayne sees through her flaws caused by her experiences in life and believes she is still beautiful and deserving of love.

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