What Are Some of the Less Popular Bruce Willis Movies?


"Alpha Dog," "In Country," "The Cold Light of Day," "What Just Happened?" and "Breakfast of Champions" are some less popular Bruce Willis movies. The 2012 movie "Lay the Favorite" is his lowest-grossing film as of 2015, with a total adjusted domestic gross of just over $21,000.

Two of Willis' least popular movies came out before and after one of his most popular movies, "Die Hard." The film that came out right before it was "Sunset," in which Willis starred as an actor who teams up with Wyatt Earp to solve a homicide at the 1929 Academy Awards. The film made $4.5 million in 1988. Just after "Die Hard," Willis starred as a Vietnam veteran in "In Country," which made even less than "Sunset" with $3.5 million.

Many of Willis' less popular films came out in between his bigger successes. After starring in major hits such as "Look Who's Talking" and the 1990 "Die Hard" sequel, Willis appeared in lesser known films such as "The Bonfire of the Vanities," "Mortal Thoughts," "Hudson Hawk" and "Billy Bathgate," which were commercial disappointments. Following "Pulp Fiction," one of his highest-grossing and most critically acclaimed films, he starred in less popular movies such as "North," "Color of Night" and "Breakfast of Champions."