Where Was Leonardo Da Vinci Educated?

Other than basic skills in reading, writing, and math, Leonardo da Vinci had little formal education. Out of an appreciation of 14-year old da Vinci's artistic talents, his father arranged for him to apprentice in Florence to well-known artist and sculptor, Andrea del Verrocchio.

da Vinci was the son of an attorney and peasant girl, born in Vinci, Italy, out of wedlock. Although his father was an educated man, this birth status may have been a factor in da Vinci's lack of a formal education. He did spend 6 years improving the technical skills of drawing and sculpting, leather arts, carpentry and metalworking through his apprenticeship. Da Vinci gained membership to the Guild of Saint Luke by the time he was 20. Best known as an artist, da Vinci was also an accomplished architect, and a passionate inventor and scientist.