How Do You Legally Watch "Gold Rush" Online?

Watch "Gold Rush" legally online at a variety of websites. The most recent episode is available on the Discovery Network's website, though older episodes are unavailable. A variety of streaming services from different companies offer access to whole seasons.

In the United States, individual episodes or whole seasons of "Gold Rush" can be purchased and downloaded via or the iTunes store. also allows episodes to be streamed through its Prime Instant Video service, which requires an Amazon Prime membership subscription. In Canada, Bell's CraveTV service offers access to a variety of shows and networks, including Discovery, with various monthly subscription options.

These services all require different payment options. For example, iTunes and offer gift cards that can be used to purchase episodes and seasons. Streaming services such as and Bell's CraveTV require a valid credit card. However, Amazon Prime offers a one-month free trial that allows users access to Amazon's Instant Video service. Free trials require an account and a valid credit card. Though users are not charged for their trial month, membership charges of $99 per year as of 2015 are automatically made upon the month's completion unless the user turns off the automatic renewal option in his account preferences page.