How Do You Legally Watch Full Episodes of "Balika Vadhu"?

Watch full episodes of "Balika Vadhu" on, the official website of Colors, the TV channel that screens the show. The website offers a way to legally view the most recent full episodes of the show, and browse an archive of full episodes dating back to 2012. Also available on the same website are promos, behind-the-scenes clips and short excerpts from episodes.

"Balika Vadhu" is a Hindi television show set in rural Rajasthan, India. Its title translates to "child bride," and the show follows the life of Anandi, the young daughter of a farmer, after she gets married as an eight-year-old.

The show comments on child marriage and rural life while following the personal travails of Anandi as she adjusts to her new environment. Later episodes are set in a leap forward in time, and depict Anandi's daughter, Nandini ,also known as Nimboli, becoming a child bride herself.

The show began airing in 2008; as of 2016, it has aired over 2,000 episodes. "Balika Vadhu" is the longest-running daily drama series on Indian television.

The full title of the show is "Balika Vadhu: Kacchi Umar Ke Pakke Rishte," which translates in English to "Child Bride: The Strong Relationships of a Tender Age."