What Are Some Legal Ways to Obtain Free MP3 Files?

What Are Some Legal Ways to Obtain Free MP3 Files?

Sites such as NoiseTrade, Free Music Archive and Jamendo allow users to download individual songs or entire albums legally, free. These and other sites offer music downloads in a number of different genres.

NoiseTrade is a promotional website that allows unlimited downloads of individual songs from independent artists. The site requires a quick registration including a valid email address and ZIP code and in return, provides its users with a clean, easy-to-use interface and complimentary mixtapes. NoiseTrade also gives its users exclusive samplers before the songs appear anywhere else.

Free Music Archive provides contemporary music of all genres to its users. The site indexes its music in an easy to use format and also allows its users to upload their own tracks. One of the largest free music providers on the Internet, Free Music Archive features independent artists as well as big-name acts.

Jamendo is a site that lists more than 400,000 tracks at given time and features more than 40,000 unique artists. The site allows for browsing by artist name, genre, most popular and most played, making it easy to spend time listening to tracks, not searching for them.

Other sites that host free MP3s include Amazon, Soundcloud, MadeLoud, SoundOwl and Epitonic.