How Do You Learn to Pronounce French Words?


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Tutorials, exercises and audio resources for both new and experienced French speakers are available online through ielanguages.com, The French Tutorial, About.com and Duolingo. Using some or all of these regularly can help non-native speakers learn to correctly pronounce French words.

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The ielanguages.com website provides a wealth of free information about the French language, including downloadable mp3 files, flashcards, phonetic guides, practice exercises and audible tutorials to improve French learners' real-world conversational skills. New speakers can follow the website through seven levels of French tutorials.

The French Tutorial website offers a detailed sixteen-chapter explanation of the French language. Chapter Two of the tutorial is dedicated entirely to pronunciation, and it features clickable icons that play audible demonstrations of French letters and word sounds. About.com also has a section for French pronunciation lessons and activities, including a list of the top ten French pronunciation mistakes, tips to improve French pronunciation and list of the top six French pronunciation books.

For those interested in a more structured language course, Duolingo is one of the top-rated free language-learning systems on the Internet, with several different languages offered, including French. Correct pronunciation is taught throughout, and the site states that completing 34 hours of Duolingo is equivalent to completing an 11-week university language course.

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