How Do You Learn the Line Dance for Blurred Lines?


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As of 2015, there are several online tutorials for learning the line dance for Blurred Lines. The website MyHoustonMajic.com offers a tutorial complete with a step-by-step presentation that users can use to follow along. HipHopNC.com also provides a tutorial with accompanying demonstrations.

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How Do You Learn the Line Dance for Blurred Lines?
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The Blurred Lines line dance tutorial on MyHoustonMajic.com includes two demonstrations of the dance, featuring professional teachers and easy-to-follow instructions. It is free to learn, and users can repeat the demonstration as many times as needed to learn the routine.

The HopHopNC.com article includes two different presentations outlining the dance routine, with differing angles for increased comprehension. It features multiple dancers, so users can pick the style of the dance they connect with the most.

Dancers can also easily learn the line dance for Blurred Lines by reading the step-by-step choreography and watching video tutorials of other dancers performing the routine on YouTube. Many video tutorials for the Blurred Lines dance are posted frequently by independent choreographers, professional dancers and dance schools.

Depending on the dancer's level of skill, a modified choreography may be attempted that adds advanced elements and unique or personalized dance moves. Some choreographers have created their own version of the line dance, allowing learners to pick a dance that appeals to their own personal style and level of skill.

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