How Do You Learn to Draw Images of Cartoon Monkeys?


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Learn how to draw cartoon monkeys using the tutorials at WikiHow.com and DrawingHowToDraw.com. WikiHow.com also contains tutorials for drawing a realistic monkey's head, and for drawing a sketch-style monkey that is more three-dimensional than the cartoon version.

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To draw a simple cartoon monkey by WikiHow's instructions, draw a circle for the head and add a U-shaped body below it using a pencil. Draw a curly line for the tail. Add simple limbs, hands and feet. Add round shapes for the muzzle, ears, eyes and nostrils. Draw over the pencil lines with a pen, adding detail to the ears, eyes and hair.

The tutorial at DrawingHowToDraw.com is for a more detailed cartoon. Begin by drawing a vertical guideline in pencil for the center of the head and draw circles for the head, eyes, ears and nose. Draw an oval and half oval at the bottom of the head for the mouth.

Add pupils to the eyes and semicircles to the ears for more detail. Draw a pair of curved eyebrows above the head. Draw another circle for the body and draw guidelines for the arms and legs. Draw circles and ovals as guidelines for the hands and feet.

Draw around the guidelines to create the final drawing. Trace over the guidelines with pen and erase the guidelines. Add color to the finished cartoon.

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