How Do You Learn to Draw Dragons?

There are a number of ways to learn to draw dragons, such as studying dragon art and reading drawing tutorials. A number of websites offer free lessons on how to draw dragons, including,, and as of 2015. On, artist Monika Zagrobelna offers a tutorial that gives tips on how to draw realistic-looking dragons.

First, practice drawing the bone structure of a dragon. Consult images of dog, dinosaur or bat skeletons to create a dragon skeleton, and change the shape of the bones slightly to alter the dragon's appearance. Ensure that the elbow joint is level with the knee, and allow ample space between the creature's chest and hips. Connect the neck directly to the back of the skull.

To draw the dragon's muscle structure, first sketch out the basic pose of the creature. Next, imagine what muscles are needed to connect the bones so that the pose makes sense. Zagrobelna advises artists to use images of real animals, like dogs and horses, in order to make the muscles look realistic. Drawings of armored dragons do not require as much muscle detail as pictures of smooth-skinned dragons.

To finish the picture, add scales, skin and other details. Consider where the dragon may need heavily armored scales, such as on its belly. Examine the design of a bat's wing, and draw the dragon's wings with the smooth, flexible skin necessary for flight. Combine different kinds of scales to add realistic detail to the picture, and shade the dragon's body to add depth and dimension.