How Do You Learn Calligraphy?

How Do You Learn Calligraphy?

To learn calligraphy, start out by purchasing the necessary materials, including nibs, holders, brushes, tracing paper, paper in varying weights and black ink. These materials are available in craft or hobby shops and online. Then, study the styles of old and contemporary calligraphic schools.

Calligraphy is the execution of lettering with a broad-tip tool or brush in one stroke. First, it is necessary to learn the letter forms and different types of strokes. This step is possible to accomplish with a gel pen.

After practicing the strokes, you need to learn how to assemble calligraphy tools. To put the nib into the holder, gently wedge the back end of the nib, the metal circle outside and the petals inside. Always have a small container of water to keep the nib clean. Dip the nib into the ink halfway up its well, which is the hole in the middle of the nib, and start lettering.

Keep the nib at about a 45-degree angle from the paper, and keep its direction constant. Make sure it always glides on the paper. Never push it like a regular pen. If pushed too hard, the nib catches on the paper, causing the ink to spatter.

To remove an old ink clog, swirl the nib in water for a couple of seconds. Then, wipe it off with a minimum fibrous cloth. To have more ink on tip of the nib, dip it first shortly in the water. Then, dip it in the ink again.