How Do You Learn Basic Dance Moves for Free?


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One way to learn basic dance moves for free is to utilize online sites such as HowCast.com, which offers several videos that take you through various dances step-by-step. The videos allow you to see the moves and then imitate them. Using these videos also allows you to go at a pace that feels comfortable, stopping or rewinding as needed to master a move.

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Studying videos on this site allows you to learn dances from music videos or more basic concepts, such as how to dance on beat. The site offers over 30 videos to teach dance as of 2015.

YouTube.com also offers various dance tutorials, such as those offered by Alan Watson. These videos break down dancing into moves that are easily comprehensible. For example, in providing tips on dancing at a wedding, Alan Watson equates movements to putting on pants, moving your hips back and forth, and emulating the moves of the karate kid. Other dance video groupings on YouTube include Addicted2Salsa and videos posted by Expert Village.

LearnToDance.com is another resource offering free dance lessons. It has lessons for club dancing, break dancing, belly dancing, ballet and tap dancing among others. The links for lessons on this site lead to videos and transcripts, allowing for self study at a comfortable pace.

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