What Do You Learn in Adult Tap Dance Classes?

What Do You Learn in Adult Tap Dance Classes?

Adult tap dance classes teach students how to warm up and the basic counting pattern, which is used to separate toe and heeltaps. After students master the basics, many classes progress into building a routine set to music.

The first class or two will delve into the practice of tap and will usually not involve dancing. Tap dance instructors may show students how to properly warm up the muscles in the legs by performing light stretches before the actual dancing begins.

After the warm up, the teacher may lead students through a basic counting pattern and will demonstrate how to separate toe and heel movements. One way to do this is by walking around the studio practicing heel-toe and toe-heel movements.

After separating toe and heel movements, the teacher may begin with easy dance steps. During this phase of the class, students will focus on balance and timing, while implementing the toe-heel movements previously mastered.

Other things taught in tap class may be the shuffle, which is tapping on only on the toes. Combined with the toe-heel movements, this shuffle can be incorporated into a complete dance routine.

Many adult tap classes offer a cool down activity as the class ends. This cool down usually involves stretching and deep breathing.