What Are Some Layout Ideas for Small Apartments?

Some layout ideas for small apartments include placing a loft bed in the center of the room with storage flanking each side of it, using diagonal wood planks in the floor, extending space by adding cabinetry and installing transparent glass walls. Curtains and hanging screens can be used to divide areas, and clever storage solutions can optimize space.

The right layout makes a small apartment seem airy and less claustrophobic. A loft bed and custom-made pod with shelving is space-saving and functional. A diagonal wood layout creates the longest lines and expands the look of a small apartment. Space in the kitchen is extended by adding dark-paneled cabinets. Sliding transparent internal-glass walls make the apartment feel larger than it actually is.

A curtain or hanging screen can be used to divide the living and sleeping areas. It is a good idea to use versatile furniture, such as nesting tables and pull-out sofas, in the layout of a small apartment for an uncluttered look. Fold-out beds, book shelves behind the dining table and study tables that wrap around corners are also good layout ideas. Vertical storage pieces serve the dual purpose of symmetrically diving the space and providing storage space.

Photos of designs and layouts of 30 small apartments from around the world are featured on Freshome for inspiration. These small apartment layouts show how clever design and utilization of unconventional storage can personalize a small space without overcrowding it.