How Large Is the Kilcher Family Homestead?

The Kilcher family, stars of the Discovery Channel's "Alaska: The Last Frontier," has a homestead that has grown from 160 acres to 600 acres. The reality show focuses on two brothers, Otto and Atz Kilcher, and documents the Kilcher's lives as modern-day homesteaders in Alaska.

The family homestead started in the 1940 by Yule, a Swiss man who came to Alaska to escape wartime tensions. He and his wife Ruth raised eight children, and used the resources of the land to forge a path through the tough terrain.

Atz Kilcher is the father of pop singer Jewel, who lived on the homestead without electricity or water. The show follows the large Kilcher family as they use their homesteading abilities to keep the traditions started by Yule alive. The series started in 2011, and completed its fourth season in February 2015.