What Are Some Facts About Lara Spencer?

What Are Some Facts About Lara Spencer?

One fact about Lara Spencer is that she is an American television journalist and co-anchor for ABC's "Good Morning America" as of 2015. Another fact is that she also worked for "Nightline" and "ABC News."

Lara Spencer was born June 19, 1969. Her professional name is Lara Spencer, but she was born Lara Christine Von Seelen.

Spencer obtained a degree in broadcast journalism from Pennsylvania State University and joined the NBC page program after college. Soon after, she received a position with WDEF-TV in Tennessee. She started becoming well-known after covering the TWA Flight 800 crash while working for WABC-TV. While working with WABC-TV, she also covered the death of Princess Diana.

In 1999 she joined "Good Morning America" as a national correspondent. As part of her "Good Morning America" position, Spencer embarked on a 50-state road trip. She hosted "Antiques Roadshow" on PBS and worked for "The Insider" for a number of years. During her career, Spencer has interviewed notable people, such as George Clooney and Hillary Clinton.

Lara Spencer is also the executive producer of the game show "It's Worth What?" and the television series "Flea Market Flip." She is the author of several books. "I Brake for Yard Sales" is Spencer's guide on how to use flea market and yard sale items to furnish a fashionable room.

Utilizing her television skills, Spencer co-hosted the 87th Miss America pageant in 2013. She co-hosted Miss America 2015 as well.