What Are Ladd Drummond's Assets Other Than the Drummond Ranch?

It is hard to know what Ladd Drummonds assets are other than the ranch. He did have a diesel-fueled lawnmower he gave to his wife, and he most likely owns other farm, mechanical equipment and standard tools that would be necessary to run a ranch.

Other than what his wife writes about him, there is not a lot of information on Ladd Drummond. According to his wife Ree Drummond, the couple homeschool their two boys and two girls at the ranch. Ree also speaks of how withdrawn he is and how the family lives completely isolated from the rest of society.

Ladd Drummond does have horses and cattle that are of value and could be considered assets. He has a wild horse long term holding contract in Oklahoma, and the cattle operation he runs is commercial.

Also, one of the articles written by Ree mentions that he was standing on top of pickup, meaning that he could possibly own some vehicles that get him around the ranch.

The couple has blond-wood kitchen, as well as two stainless-steel Bosch dishwashers. The room opens into a den with soaring ceilings, where a colossal flat screen television faces a prodigious brown tweed sectional couch. Pretty much everything in the Drummond house is super sized.