How Are Labyrinth Designs Created?


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There are many different types of labyrinths; however, within the classical style, many variations can be constructed using a seed pattern as the center. This easy method for reproducing the labyrinth design is an ingenious drawing trick that has been passed from person to person, from one culture to another, for thousands of years.

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The seed pattern is simply a cross with a dot in each quadrant to form a square. The bigger the cross, the bigger the labyrinth will be.

First connect the top of the cross with the dot in the upper right corner, making a clockwise circular line. Then draw a bigger circular line, connecting the dot in the upper left corner with the right arm of the cross. Next, connect the left arm of the cross in a still bigger circular line with the dot in the lower right corner. Finally, connect the dot in the lower left corner with the bottom bar of the cross.

A few ways to practice building a labyrinth include the following: scratch the design on a sandy beach with a stick, use large pebbles to form a design, use sticks to make the pattern or use freshly cut hay or grass to designate the walls.

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