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"LA Ink," which is a spinoff of "Miami Ink," focuses on the Los Angeles tattoo shop High Voltage Tattoo and the lives of its employees. Each episode features customers getting tattoos and the story behind those tattoos.

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Kat Von D, the star of "LA Ink," was on "Miami Ink" until leaving due to issues between her and other cast members. She opens High Voltage Tattoo at the start of the show. The rest of the main cast in season one consists of Kat's friend and shop manager Amber Acia and fellow artists Corey Miller, Hannah Aitchison and Kim Saigh.

Over its four seasons, the show features many celebrities who get tattooed by Kat or another artist. The show also focuses on Kat's personal life, including her book tour and relationships.

During season three, the show begins to include segments at American Electric, another tattoo shop in Los Angeles. Multiple employees quit or are fired from both tattoo shops during the show, and several employees also switch from one tattoo shop to another. Beside Kat Von D, Miller is the only other cast member who is in every season of "LA Ink." Due to tension between him and Kat, he decides to leave High Voltage and work at American Electric in season four.

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