What Is the "Kurt Wallander" Series in Order?


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The "Wallander" television series begins with the three episodes "Sidetracked," "Firewall," and "One Step Behind." The second season is made up of "Faceless Killers," "The Man Who Smiled," and "The Fifth Woman." The third season episodes are "An Even in Autumn," "The Dogs of Riga," and "Before the Frost."

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The English TV adaptation of the Kurt Wallander mysteries is currently comprised of three seasons, though as of June 2015, a fourth season is in production. This fourth season is also made up of three episodes, "The White Lioness," "The Troubled Man - Part One," and "The Troubled Man - Part Two."

"Wallander" is based off a Swedish book series by Henning Mankell, which presently consists of 10 novels and one novella. The first five are "Faceless Killers," "The Dogs of Riga," "The White Lioness," "The Man Who Smiled and" "Sidetracked." "The Fifth Woman," "One Step Behind," "Firewall," "The Pyramid," "An Event in Autumn" and "The Troubled Man" are the final books in the series. This is not always the same order as that which they were published in, but it allows a linear view of Kurt Wallander's life and career.

The television series also deviates from the order of the books, though each episode is based on one of the Wallander mysteries. The only exception is season three's "Before the Frost," which is adapted from a book of the same title that originally featured Kurt Wallander's daughter as the protagonist.

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