Which Korean Dramas Are Available to Watch on Joonmedia?

As of 2015, Joon Media does not have any Korean dramas that are available to watch on its website. Joon Media instead operates a website that focuses on creating audio and video content designed for a digitally savvy audience, such as gamers, students, developers and composers. Joon Media produces videos and podcasts, among other content, including a weekly show hosted by Emily Reese that requires the viewer to be a paid subscriber through Patreon.

Joon Media, which is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, designs its content to give its audience a glimpse into the thought processes of video game composers as well as to provide the audience with other information from behind the scenes of game creation.

The company officially launched its operations during the Pax Prime 2015 event. Reese also hosted a panel during the event called the "Maestros of Video Games." Members of the planet included Gareth Coker, Sarah Schancher, Jason Graves, Grant Kirkhope and Cris Velasco. The panelists' work includes composing music for a wide range of video games, such as "Until Dawn," "Assassin's Creed Unity," "Clive Barker's Books of Blood," "Banjo Kazooie" and "Ori and The Blind Forest." Reese is also the creator of the Minnesota Public Radio show, "Top Score."