What is Kody Brown's job in the show Sister Wives?


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Kody Brown draws the vast majority of his income from the airing of ���Sister Wives��� itself, according to Bustle. While Kody and his family operate a jewelry business on the show, most critics doubt its profitability.

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The show makes some allusions to Brown���s previous job as an Internet marketer, but since ���Sister Wives��� began in 2010, most of his income comes from the show itself. Some sources estimate that the Brown family makes at least $50,000 per episode of ���Sister Wives.��� The family also sells a variety of products through its business My Sisterwife���s Closet, but sources say profits from the business are unlikely to be sufficient to support the Browns��� 17 children. Brown and his wife Meri filed for bankruptcy in 2005, five years before the show started.

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