Who Was the Knight of the Round Table Who Found the Holy Grail?


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In most later versions of the King Arthur legends, Lancelot's illegitimate son Sir Galahad finds the Holy Grail. His success is ascribed to his purity and his great piety.

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In versions of the King Arthur story told from the time of Sir Thomas Malory and later, Galahad, accompanied by Sir Perceval of Gales and Sir Bors, visits Galahad's grandfather King Pelles. Here, the three knights see a ship with a vision of the Grail. This ship takes them to the legendary holy island-city of Sarras near Egypt. At Sarras, Galahad heals a sick man by touching him. The king of Sarras invites him to the castle, where he first imprisons all three knights, then releases them and crowns Galahad king. A year after Galahad's assumption of the throne, he has another vision of the Grail and chooses to die, going directly to heaven.

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