What Are Some Facts About Kirk Talley?

What Are Some Facts About Kirk Talley?

Kirk Talley is a Southern gospel artist who was a member of The Hoppers, The Cathedrals and The Talley Trio. Talley wrote and performed his first number one song, "Step Into the Water," with the Cathedrals. As a member of the Talley Trio, he produced "He is Here," a famous Southern gospel song nominated for the Grammy Award in 1992. As a soloist, Talley produced a number of other top hits including several songs from his album "Serenade."

Talley, born on June 9, 1958, in Johnson City, Tennessee, and raised in Bulls Gap, Tennessee, graduated from Bulls Gap High School in 1976.

Talley's professional singing career began in 1976 as a member of The Hoppers. In 1979, he joined Mark Trammell, Glen Payne, George Younce and Roger Bennett as a member of The Cathedrals. In 1984, Talley left the group to form The Talley Trio with siblings Roger and Debra.

Talley performed full time until 2003, when he was the victim of an extortion attempt that exposed his homosexuality. Subsequently, Talley became a black sheep to the Southern gospel music community.

As of 2015, Talley still performs occasionally either solo or with The Talley Trio, but works full time in sales and merchandising for Dillard's.