What Kinds of Television Programs Does the History Channel Show?

What Kinds of Television Programs Does the History Channel Show?

The History Channel shows television programs with a historic focus. Programs include documentaries, reality shows and historical fiction shows.

The History Channel also airs movies with historic themes, miniseries, scripted events and television specials.

As of 2015, popular programs on The History Channel include "Vikings," "Swamp People," "The Bible," "Hatfields & McCoys," "Appalachian Outlaws," "Pawn Stars" and "American Pickers." Popular programs on the channels H2 channel include "Ancient Aliens," "America Unearthed," "Haunted History," "Rise of the Machines" and "Modern Marvels."

Not all of The History Channel's programming is strictly factual. The channel's first scripted fictional series, "Vikings," was a hit, which resulted in other fictional programming based on historic themes.

Even some documentary-style programming may not be purely factual. The History Channel received a lot of criticism due to its "Ancient Aliens" program. The show presented the idea that ancient historic events included alien involvement as fact, which caused archaeologists and scientists to denounce the network for chasing viewers over presenting historic facts.

The History Channel website includes a complete list of current programs. Viewers can find programming schedules, news and information for their favorite History Channel shows. They can also find video clips, games, history-related news and articles, audio clips, live broadcasts and other interactive features.